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Learn more about Viviplan. Who started it, why it was started and our approach to financial planning.

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Why Viviplan was Started

Viviplan was started because of a mission. A mission to provide all Canadians with access to affordable financial advice. Financial advice that they could trust was always in their best interest.

For too long Canadians have had to deal with uncertainty about whether the financial advice they were getting was in their best interest.

Viviplan was built on a fee-only model. A model that's advice-based not sales-based.

And with a focus on creating personalized, high-quality financial plans.

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How We Went About Building Viviplan

When you a build a financial plan and a financial planning experience, it starts with the people. We talked to many Canadians to understand what they found lacking in the financial planning experience.

What insights did they want in a financial plan? How did they want the data presented to them? How did they envision the overall process looking for them?

And then we went through several iterations of questions to make sure that we were collecting the most meaningful and accurate data points to create a high-quality financial plan for people.

We're constantly building and innovating our platform to create the highest-quality insights and financial planning experience possible.

Why viviplan was started