The Team

Rona headshot

Rona Birenbaum CFP®

Co-founder, CEO

Rona is a Certified Financial Planner and founded her financial planning firm, Caring for Clients in 2000. She has a wealth of experience in the financial industry and has advised over 300 clients.

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Seyon headshot

Seyon Vasantharajan

Co-founder, CTO

Seyon is a Financial Engineering Graduate from the University of Toronto. He's been programming since he was 10 and has built products including a Q&A platform for students and a platform to test investment strategies.

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Lisa headshot

Lisa Calleja CFP®

Financial Planner

Lisa Calleja is a certified financial planner with 12 years of experience in personal financial planning. She has a demonstrated track record of consistently combining succinct financial advice with sound business practices to position individuals for long-term financial prosperity.

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Morgan headshot

Morgan Ulmer CFP®

Financial Planner, Product Manager

After majoring with honors in finance, Morgan began her career in the financial sector in 2000, holding positions in Financial Advising, Wealth Management and Compliance. Her work has been featured in the Globe & Mail and other online financial magazines and blogs. Morgan has facilitated hundreds of workshops to help clients improve their financial health.

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Marina headshot

Marina Seenath

Marketing & Communications

Marina is a 3rd year Professional Communications student at Ryerson University. She is fuelled by her passion to communicate & market effectively, create content and most importantly, learn. She accepts all challenges that may come her way while sharing a bit of her Caribbean warmth!

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Ernie headshot

Ernie Mehra

Marketing Lead, Marketing & Communications

The number 1 leader in national Tbooth cellphone sales; the record-setter at a Niagara car dealership; and the cultivator of multiple Instagram accounts to over 10 thousand followers in 4 months, Ernie has had a wide range of marketing experience. With a degree in psychology from Brock University, he is obsessed with consumer behaviour and the affinity between consumer enjoyment and content creation.

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Michael headshot

Michael Jeong

Marketing & Communications

Michael is a 4th-year English student at the University of California, Berkeley. With interest in language and communication, coupled with a great passion for the arts, sports, market, and content creation, he hopes to constantly learn more and broaden his horizons.

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Yowsean headshot

Yowsean Li

Software Engineer

Yowsean is a 3rd year computer science student at the University of California, Berkeley. He enjoys solving challenging problems and has strong interests in web development as well as the various applications of data science.

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Akash headshot

Akash Sinha

Software Engineer

Akash is a third year computer engineering student pursuing BS and MS from the US. He has been coding since the age of 14 and enjoys math deeply. He has a background in project management, hardware design and software development.

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