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No nonsense, no product pushing. Just straightforward, personalized advice delivered by real CFP professionals.

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Planning your finances can be difficult for anyone.

  • Check Looking to prepare for retirement?
  • Check Are you already in retirement ?
  • Check Do you want to minimize tax implications?
  • Check Would you like to manage cashflow better?
  • Check Do you need to save to pay for a child's education ?
  • Check Are you saving for a major purchase?
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Honest financial planning means you come first.

We don't make money recommending financial products. No commissions, no conflicts of interest. Your financial plan is designed with your best interest at heart.

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Gain Clarity and Confidence.

A financial plan gives you clarity around your financial decisions and how to reach your financial goals. Specific, actionable insights.

Go live your life with confidence in your future.

We've Got You Covered. Live Life With Freedom.

A simple 3-step process to getting your comprehensive financial plan

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We get to know you

We collect over 150+ data points about your goals and your finances to ensure your plan is as personalized as possible.

We build your financial plan

A combination of software and human work together to build a financial plan tailored to your specific needs. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) will work with you throughout this process.

Plan Delivery Call

After your plan is built and you've had a chance to review it, you'll hop on a call with your CFP to make sure you understand every part of your plan.

What's in a financial plan? A lot.

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Full Goal-Oriented Financial Plan

Know how much you should be saving on a monthly basis and in which accounts, in order to reach your financial goals.

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A Dynamic Budget

We give a you budget that focuses on the "big wins" and takes into account your personal preferences and what you value most in your day-to-day spending.

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Scenario Generation

We generate two scenarios to help you compare different strategies for reaching your financial goals.

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Actionable Steps

We break down exactly what you should be doing on a month-to-month basis.

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Risk Prevention Plan

Life is full of surprises. We want to be sure that you're covered and financially prepared to handle all the events that life throws your way.

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Investment Portfolio

An investment portfolio is an incredibly personal thing because it's the way you're choosing to save your money in the hopes of it growing in the future.


A Technology-Driven Time-Saving Solution

We're changing how people get financial plans. Completely online, simpler and faster than how it "used to be".

You'll still get to work directly with a Certified Financial Planner, including a video chat to review your financial plan after it's built.


What kinds of financial decisions/situations can you deal with?

Several! Our team has years of experience working with hundreds of clients and has come across many a unique situation. The first question we ask you during onboarding is to describe your unique financial situation and the specific goal/decision you'd like help with. It's free form so you're not limited!

Will I get to talk to a human at all?

Yes!... Several! After you onboard on our platform (answer a series of questions), we'll give you a call or send you an email. We want to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. We're talking about your finances and financial future after all!

Is a financial plan just for individual or for couples too?

For either! One financial plan can cover a couple or two individuals.

What Our Customers Say

A financial planner answered all my questions throughout the process thoroughly, and in language I could understand. The time we spent reviewing the plan was very helpful, as the planner explained the rationale behind the numbers so I can now make informed decisions. The plan is very high quality for a fraction of the price I have paid before."

- Angela A.

Viviplan's business model and value proposition are truly fantastic. I needed a sounding board to validate my assumptions and path to retirement. Viviplan provided that perfectly alongside a very pleasant customer experience. I will definitely follow Viviplan's recommendations and ask for their insights again in a few years."

- Nicolas Barbeau