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Our Beliefs

Viviplan is the only financial planning platform that is based around 3 unique values designed to help you have the confidence to fully reach your financial goals.

Zero product pushing

Zero Product Pushing = Trustworthy Advice

We offer pure financial advice and sell no financial products. So you can trust that the plan you're getting is in your best interest. It's honest and unbiased.

High quality personalization

High-Quality Personalization

General advice and rules of thumb are handy shortcuts but can lead to ineffective plans. We believe that to give some a great financial plan requires a lot of information about an individuals' personal circumstances. Your life is uniquely yours and your plan should be too. We collect 300+ date points about you so that your plan is tailor-made.

Affordable price point

An Affordable Price Point

We believe everyone should be able to afford unbiased financial advice. We deliver customized plans that would typically cost between $3000 - $5000 for a fraction of that price.

Which One Are You?

Early career

Early Career

You're in the first few years of your career and want to find a way to balance your short-term needs while saving enough to reach your future financial goals.

Mid life

Early-Mid Life

You want to purchase your first home or perhaps are expecting a new member in the family!

Pre retirement


You're looking to enter retirement in the next few years and want to understand whether you can afford to and how to make that transition smoothly


In Retirement

You're currently retired and want to make sure that your income strategy is tax-effective and sustainable. You also might be thinking about estate planning.

Custom plan

Something Else

You have another reason for wanting a financial plan.

We Know Financial Planning

You're in good hands. Our financial plans are built by a crack-team of CFPs , who are also the people you interact with.

Rona headshot@3x

Our team of CFP's is led by Rona Birenbaum, founder of Caring For Clients one of Canada's most reknowned fee-only financial planning firms. Rona has delighted hundreds of Canadians with financial plans over her 18 year career.

I can't write enough good things about Rona. She really does care and that's not BS. I feel our financial and life affairs are in good hands for the first time.

-Paul Chato

I have always experienced feelings of genuine care and concern from working with Rona as she helps me take responsibility of my financial well-being for the future.

-Sandra Chung

Is Getting a Viviplan Easy?

Here is a 6-step process on how we build your comprehensive financial plan

Step1 student

A simple process for you to tell us about your financial goals

Step2 notepad

Enter information so we can understand your spending and saving habits

Step3 deal

Answer questions around investments, insurance and estate-planning

Step4 upload

Upload required financial documents

Step5 full plan

Receive your full financial plan

Step6 receive plan

Review your financial plan with a top level CFP

What Do You Get In A Financial Plan?

Goal oriented plan

Full Goal-Oriented Financial Plan

Know how much you should be saving on a monthly basis and in what account types, in order to reach your financial goals.

Dynamic budget

A Dynamic Budget

Should you be trying to reduce the amount of money you spend on food? By how much? Or maybe you should reduce the amount spent on rent. We give a you budget that focuses on the "big wins" and takes into account your personal preferences and what you value most in your day-to-day.

Scenario generation

Scenario Generation

We generate multiple scenarios so you're aware of the full spectrum of events that can happen when it comes to planning for your financial goals. You can browse through them easily to understand what might happen in your future.

Actionable steps

Actionable Steps

A financial plan needs to be actionable and we make it so. Understanding what you should be doing on a month-to-month basis is crucial to creating a great financial plan.

Risk prevention plan

Risk Prevention Plan

Life is full of surprises. And not always good ones. We want to be sure that you're covered and financially prepared to handle all the events that life throws your way. This includes making sure you have a plan for when the market crashes and making sure you have the right insurance to protect yourself.

Investment portfolio

Investment Portfolio

An investment portfolio is an incredibly personal thing because it's the way you're choosing to save your money in the hopes of it growing in the future. We provide you a general asset allocation that suits your risk profile and investment horizon. We don't recommend individual equities (and we don't take commissions off of it!).

You Need an Unbiased Plan You Can Trust

When you get a financial plan, you want to know it's created with your best interest in mind

So What's the Problem With Getting a Free Financial Plan From Your Bank

Biased bank pic
The problem with getting a free financial plan at your local bank branch is that the business model is inherently biased.

The way they make money is by selling financial products: mortgages, investments, loans.

So when your financial plan recommends that you purchase these products, you're never really sure if it's because it's what's actually best for you.....or because it's what's best for them.

Why We're Different

Unbiased no salesman
We charge a fee to develop your financial plan. And make a strict promise to never push or make any money off selling financial products.

That's what lets you feel reassured that the financial plan you get from us is truly a plan that's best for you and your life.
Number 1@3x

What's best for YOU is what's most important to us

Number 2@3x

We don't manage your money or sell financial products so our advice is 100% objective

Is Viviplan A Good Fit For You?

Good Fit

  • You're an individual or couple wanting a comprehensive financial plan

  • You're looking for a plan to help you budget better to balance your short-term spending with saving for the future

  • You've been downsized,promoted or gotten a new job and you want to figure out how to deal and plan for this change in income

  • You're looking for a retirement plan and answers to key questions like "when can you afford to retire?" and "How do you drawn down on your investments through retirement?"

  • You're looking to explore your options in regards to a particular decision (e.g. how does it play out if you buy a home now vs rent for 4 years before buying)

  • You've had a major life change and need help navigating the future

Not a Good Fit

  • You're an incorporated business owner or incorporated service professional

  • You have several overseas bank or investment accounts

  • You don't live in Canada

  • You're just looking for investment recommendations

  • You have an extremely complex cashflow scenario(e.g. multiple rental properties you make income from)

See a Sample Financial Plan

Note that each plan varies and is customized to the recipient of the plan. An important part of the process is the 30-minute phone call at the end which is used to help you understand and dissect your plan




A complete report on obtaining 2 financial goals



A complete report on obtaining 2 financial goals
+ A 30-minute call with a Viviplan Certified Financial Planner to review your report.
Early adopter sticker@3x



A complete report on obtaining 2 financial goals
+ A 30-minute call with a Viviplan Certified Financial Planner to review your report.
+ A Comprehensive, goals-driven financial plan covering budgeting,estate planning, asset allocation and insurance


Do you help with other financial decisions besides the ones listed?
Yes! Our team has years of experience working with hundreds of clients and have come across many a unique situation. The first question we ask you during onboarding is to describe your unique financial situation and the specific goal/decision you'd like help with. It's free form so you're not limited!
How does the process differ for each financial decision?
The questions we ask you and instructions we give you depend on what financial decision you're trying to make. For example, we wouldn't tell you how to get a will if you're trying to save for a major purchase. Because that wouldn't be too relevant :).
Can I Change plans once I select one?
Yes! If you decide you want a different plan, just shoot us an email at and we'll make it happen.
What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We currently do not accept Paypal.
Will I get to talk to a human at all?
Yes! After you onboard on our platform (answer a series of questions), we'll give you a call or send you an email. We want to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. We're talking about your finances and financial future after all!
How does the 30-day guarantee work?
Within 30 days, if you don't like what we're doing, we'll refund your money. No questions asked:)
Is a financial plan just for individual or for couples too?
For either! One financial plan covers a couple who may have some combined and some certain finances


What attracted me to Viviplan initially was the promise of professional advice free of these conflicts of interest and toxic incentives that taint advisers working for financial institutions. In that sense, your business model and value proposition are truly fantastic. Also, as someone who’s quite number literate , I needed a sounding board to validate my assumptions and path to retirement. You provided that perfectly alongside a very pleasant customer experience. I will definitely follow your recommendations and ask for your insight again in a few years.

- Nicolas Barbeau

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