What You Get In A Financial Plan

Our financial plans are focused on depth, quality and precision. We collect more than 150 data points about you to build your plan. You can see some of the different areas covered in your plan below.

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A plan covers several areas

The Right Investments For You

By understanding your specific financial goals and your risk tolerance, we'll recommend the ideal asset mix for you. And we'll help determine the details around how and when you should liquidate your investments year-by-year through retirement.



Find out what insurance coverage you have and how that coverage lines up against your biggest financial risks. Should you think about more coverage and if so, how much and what kinds?


Estate Planning

Your family is the number one priority in your life. We'll help make sure you understand and take/have taken the right measures with respect to your will and power of attorney. And will advise on how to make sure your estate plan is well-structured and tax-optimal.

Estate planning

Minimizing Your Taxes

Taxes are a big expense you'll incur and your plan will help you understand all the tools and options you have at your disposal to minimize them. This includes tax credits you may not have known off and understanding how your retirement tax bracket will affect how much you should be withdrawing from each account on a yearly basis.


Planning your Cashflow

We want you to be able to live the life you want to know while being well set-up for retirement and other longer-term goals. We'll help you understand exactly where you're spending your money now and where you can anticipate to be spending your money in the future.


See Different Scenarios

We generate multiple scenarios so you're aware of the full spectrum of events that can happen when it comes to planning for your financial goals. You can browse through them easily to understand what might happen in your future. This could be retiring in 3 vs. 5 years, it could be buying a home that's worth $800,000 vs $400,000. It's completely up to you.

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Different scenarios

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You can go over a sample financial plan with one of our planners to understand more about what we provide and whether we'd be a good fit for your planning needs.

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