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Viviplan is a business built to serve a very particular need: to deliver affordable, high-quality and unbiased financial planning to Canadians. Viviplan uses its online platform to give clients access to bespoke financial plans without aiming to sell any additional financial products. By automating the upwards of 15 hours of human labour that a robust financial plan requires, Viviplan intends to provide the comprehensive thoroughness of independent financial planners while maintaining accessibility for most Canadians.

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Rona Birenbaum wanted to be a financial adviser. She entered the industry with a vision of a satisfied, wiser clientele, who left with a goal and a plan to achieve it. What she became was a saleswoman. For eight years, she struggled with this dilemma: how could she provide unbiased financial counsel when the bank-owned brokerage firms were geared towards selling additional extraneous products?

So in 2000, Rona went independent and founded Caring for Clients, a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to educating Canadians on the importance of an unbiased, objective, holistic financial plan. But this type of detailed advice tailored directly to the customer is both expensive and time-consuming, and, coupled with a rising awareness among Canadians on the importance of independent, individual-specific plans, Rona soon realized that there was a need for a new service: one which was affordable, quick, and easily accessible.

Enter Seyon Vasantharajan, graduate of the prestigious Engineering-Science program of the University of Toronto. Specializing in financial engineering, Seyon learnt the mechanics behind robo-advising, the new technology which made investing accessible for thousands of Canadians. However, Seyon was sure that the greater issue was in financial planning, a knot that had yet to be untied by the digital world.

If unravelled, digital financial planning could be a fresh breath in an increasingly tight economy. The problem was that this new robo-planning required the processing intense amount of data, far more than of its ancestral robo-advising. This might have discouraged others as a complex computational conundrum; for Seyon, who’d been programming since the age of ten, it was understood as an optimisation issue.

Seyon and Rona shared an economic concern and together, they found common cause: combine revolutionary advances in programming with veteran experience in finance to revamp the financial landscape into an open, accessible, unbiased market. The result was Viviplan. Founded in January of 2017, Viviplan is the first step to an affordable, financially-secure future.

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